National currency for PDQB qualifications

The PDQB is pleased to announce that, after a lengthy development period, qualifications in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming which are nationally recognised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (Scotland’s national awarding body) are available exclusively through the five PDQB Examination Centres. The syllabi for these qualifications are exactly the same as for the former PDQB awards but in future they will be certificated jointly by the SQA and PDQB and known as National Progression Awards (NPAs) and Professional Development Awards (PDAs) within SQA’s national structure of qualifications.

These qualifications carry national currency in Scotland together with Levels and Credit Points within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). Details of the qualifications and of the SCQF can be found in the Home page of this website and in the Certificates and Syllabus Section.

The qualifications were launched by SQA on 23 November 2009 as part of a Homecoming Scotland event held at the Radisson Hotel, Argyle Street, Glasgow. The launch was opened by members of George Watson’s College Pipe Band and the introduction of the new awards was fully supported in a video message from Mike Russell MSP, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Culture (who has since become the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning). For the first time ever there are now national standards for Piping and Pipe Band Drumming which are recognised jointly by the SQA and the 5 PDQB partners.