The following are recommended for study preparation for PDQB examinations:

Tutors and Music Theory

  • The College of Piping Tutor 1 and 3, incorporating Tutor 1 CDROM and Tutor 3 CD
  • The National Piping Centre Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book: A Step by Step Guide incorporating a CDROM
  • RSPBA Structured Learning Manuals 1-3
  • The Language of Music: Applying the concept to pipe bands (by RT Shepherd MBE and A G Aitken OBE)
  • One Hundred Years of Pipe Band Drumming (by W Young and A Chatto)
  • Logan’s Tutor
  • Snare Drum Rudiments and Pipe Band Drum Scores + CD (by David Farquhar)

Maintenance of the Bagpipe, Care of Reeds, etc…

  • The College of Piping Tutor 2
  • The Pipers’ Handbook (by John MacLellan)
  • Pipes Ready, Video by Jim MacGillivray
  • Care and Maintenance of the Great Highland Bagpipe by Ringo Bowen

Piobaireachd, Phrasing and Structure and History

  • Canntaireachd, Ancient Syllabic Form of Teaching Piobaireachd, A Look and See Guide and John MacLellan Teaching Tape 5
  • Piobaireachd, by Seumas MacNeill, published by the BBC
  • The Piobaireachd Society Collection
  • Proceedings of the Piobaireachd Society
  • The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor
  • Sidelights to the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor
  • Further Sidelights to the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor
  • Music for the Highland Bagpipe and More Music for the Highland Bagpipe, by John MacLellan
  • College of Piping Tutor 4 (Piobaireachd) + CD
  • Joseph MacDonald Treatise (Ed. R Cannon)
  • MacArthur MS (Published John MacFadyen Trust)
  • Highland Bagpipe Music- (Angus Mackay’s Piob. Collection)
  • Ceol Mor by CS Thomason
  • Masters of Piobaireachd CD Series
  • Donald MacLeod CD Series
  • Bill Livingstone CD Series

General History and Traditions

  • The Book of the Bagpipe, by Hugh Cheape
  • Highland Bagpipe and Its Music by R Cannon
  • Music of the Scottish Regiments by D Murray
  • Scotland’s Music by J Purser
  • Traditional Gaelic Bagpiping 1745 – 1945, John G. Gibson
  • College of Piping Tutor Part 2
  • The Highland Bagpipe, by WL Manson
  • The Bagpipe, by WH Grattan Flood
  • The Piper in Peace and War, by C.A. Malcolm
  • The Pipes of War, by Seton and Grant
  • The Traditional and National Music of Scotland (Collinson)
  • The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750-1950 (Donaldson)
  • The Piping Traditions of the North of Scotland by B MacKenzie
  • Bagpipe Music for Highland Dancing, by John MacLellan
  • Piping Traditions of Argyll by Bridget MacKenzie
  • The Judges Companion, Compiled by Robert Wallace


  • The Piping Times
  • The Pipe Band Magazine
  • Piping Today
  • The Voice